Vacancies at SOLT

Stage One Regional Apprentice Applications Open Monday 16th November

Thanks to the generous support of the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and Luke Johnson Stage One are able to fund 3 x 12 month apprenticeships in Regional subsidised theatres and/or organisations across the UK. Congratulations to Theatr Clwyd, West Yorkshire Playhouse and Lyric Theatre Belfast who have been announced as the hosts for the Stage One's Regional Apprenticeships in 2016/17!

Our objectives for the scheme are:

  • Stage One will graduate 3 outstanding entrepreneurial apprentices who have developed their knowledge through hands-on experience and increased their commercial contacts.
  • The subsidised houses we work with will be more ambitious in their plans to exploit more of their work and ALL will acknowledged the importance of the Apprentices, funded by The Esmeé Fairbairn Foundation, in supporting this cultural change.

For more information, or how to apply please visit or call Stage One on: 0207 557 6737.