Theatre Tokens

What are Theatre Tokens?

Theatre Tokens was created in 1984 to encourage UK theatre going and audience development which remains our aim to this day.

Theatre Tokens is the UK theatre industry's only national gift voucher scheme that is administered by Society of London Theatre on a not for profit basis. Any profits generated are reinvested in promoting UK theatre.

Currently over 240 theatres across the UK sell and accept Theatre Tokens and in doing so attract new customers, increase ticket sales and generate additional income. Our ultimate goal is that every theatre, however large or small, joins the scheme to make it a truly national scheme.

Are we achieving our goals?

  • 25% will use their Tokens at a theatre they haven't been to before
  • Over 25% of those who receive Theatre Tokens would not go to a particular show if they had not received them
  • Over 50% of tickets purchased using Theatre Tokens are done so at least 30 days in advance generating a positive cash flow for the theatre
  • 66% of Theatre Token redeemers spend another £5-£10 on additional products in the theatre as part of their visit

(SOLT research 2004)

Key additional points

  • Joining the scheme is free
  • Theatres are paid commission on every Theatre Token sold (VAT exempt)
  • Theatres only pay for Theatre Tokens once they have sold them
  • Theatre Tokens supplies the presentation wallets and envelopes free of charge, as well as point-of-sale material to help theatres generate sales
  • Theatre Tokens bring new audiences to the theatre
  • Theatre Tokens is the only major nationwide marketing campaign in the arts, with a year-round promotional campaign aimed at raising theatre attendances
  • Some theatres sell Theatre Tokens alongside their own local gift vouchers and the two work well together

Why are they popular?

Both consumers and corporates purchase Theatre Tokens. Consumers tend to buy them as gifts, corporates as rewards and incentives for staff or suppliers. Whilst the majority of sales take place around Christmas, there are also steady sales throughout the year. Consumers particularly like them because they are flexible, can be used nationwide, have no expiry date and are a special and personal gift to give for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and special occasions, ultimately they are giving a memorable evening of entertainment.

If you were thinking of buying a gift for someone special, what better than an unforgettable night out at the theatre? With Theatre Tokens they choose exactly what they want to see, when they want to see it – so how can "You" get it wrong!

If you would like more information it can be found at or simply call Tokenline on 020 3011 0755 (option 2), email

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