Summary of Wyndham Report

Published on 15 July 1998, the Wyndham Report is an in-depth investigation into the West End theatre industry. The report, which was written by Tony Travers of the London School of Economics, using data compiled by MORI, revealed the huge economic importance of London's Theatreland.

The Wyndham Report reveals the following key facts:

  • The economic impact of West End theatre in 1997 was £1,075 million.
  • 41,000 jobs depend on West End theatre.
  • £433 million was spent by West End theatergoers on restaurants, hotels, transport and merchandise in 1997 in addition to £250 million on tickets.
  • 11.5 million seats were sold in 1997
  • West End theatre is among the biggest tourist attractions in the UK.
  • West End theatre contributed a surplus of £225 million to the UK's balance of payments in 1997.
  • As a net currency earner for the UK, West End theatre is of a comparable size to the entire UK Advertising, Accountancy and Management Consultancy industries, and is considerably bigger than the UK Film and Television industry.
  • Tax revenues in excess of £200 million were produced by West End theatre in 1997.
  • London retains its status as the theatre capital of the world, producing more shows and attracting larger audiences than anywhere else, including Broadway.
  • The global earnings of the most successful British shows are far greater than those of Hollywood blockbusters such as Titanic and Jurassic Park.

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