Society Of London Theatre

Founded in 1908 by Sir Charles Wyndham, Society of London Theatre (SOLT) is the organisation that represents the producers, theatre owners and managers of the major commercial and grant-aided theatres in central London.

Today the Society combines its long-standing roles in such areas as industrial relations and legal advice for members with a campaigning role for the industry, together with a wide range of audience-development programmes to promote theatre-going.

SOLT offers a range of services which it is more effective and efficient to provide collectively rather than by each Member acting individually.

They include:

  • advice on legal, general and industrial relations matters
  • managing the process of collective bargaining with the entertainments trade unions
  • providing commercial services of benefit to the membership as a whole
  • promoting theatre-going to the widest possible audience
  • representing to the wider public, and to public and other relevant authorities, the interests of the theatre industry as a whole
  • research on behalf of the industry as a whole

The Board of the Society constitute the Trustees of a charitable company, the Theatre Development Trust, through which the Society funds certain theatre-related charitable activities. The Society also works closely with other charitable organisations such as Stage One (formerly the Theatre Investment Fund) and The Theatres Trust.

For all news and show listings please visit the Official London Theatre Guide website, run by the Society.